Thursday, September 24, 2009


Great title, I know. With the temperature drop this week, I made soup nearly every day. Soup is one leftover that usually gets eaten-unlike other leftovers. I tried to incorporate leftovers and odd bits in the fridge at the same time into meal planning this week. So far, this is how it has come out:

Monday: Red Curry Chicken Soup, and fearing it might be too spicy, I also made a potato corn chowder. But I followed a recipe and wish I hadn't. I should have gone with my instincts and added what I thought would be good. Instead, I followed this recipe.
Even with a few additions, it was too bland for my liking. It needed more veggies and seasoning. After adding plenty of chopped ham in addition to the bacon, it was consumed by those who weren't so fond of the other soup.

Tuesday: Chicken Taco Soup (but gluten free) I was happy to have this, as everyone loves it leftover. Sadly, the crockpot keeps it so hot it necessitates cooling down before refrigerating. Somehow I left it cooling all night. It was hard dumping the huge container out the next day that was more than 1 meals worth of food. Darn!

Wednesday: I had leftover zucchini from Monday's soup, so made this zucchini bread.
I also had 2 boneless breasts I didn't use in the taco soup (and boy am I glad I didn't. They would have been thrown out the next day.) And I had ham leftover from Monday also. What to do? So I created this:
I will be adding recipes as I go.
For tonight, I'm thinking of Beef Barley Soup, but without the barley otherwise it won't be gluten free. So I gotta figure a substitute for barley.

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