Sunday, June 22, 2008

Menu #1

Haven't been posting much lately. I will try to catch up a bit.
Grilled Honey Glazed Chicken
Fresh Veggies & Dip (appetizer)
Roast Potatoes & Peppers
Spinach Salad
Toasted Garlic Bread w/parmesan cheese
Brownies (dessert)


Grilled Tilapia w/mango salsa
Grilled Strip Steak
Fresh Corn on the Cob
Garlic Buttered Potatoes

It ended up just being Michael and I for dinner. (Some of my kids don't like fish, but I thought there was plenty of other foods. I guess not.) So we had plenty of leftovers.

Turkey Bolognese Pasta
Fresh Green Salad
French Bread

New Chili
Olive Bread (compliments of Pioneer Woman)
Tossed Salad w/apples & cheese
Peach Crisp for dessert (compliments of Melanie)

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