Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Kitchen Tips Tuesdays by Tammysrecipes.com

The last time my son Christopher was home, he helped me cut up vegetables for soup. I noticed he was spending a bit of time peeling an onion. Since I created this food blog mostly for my children, I thought I'd share some kitchen tips that they may not have picked up along the way.

To peel an onion quickly and easily, first slice off both ends.

Cut a slice down one side.

It doesn't matter how deep you slice. Several layers should be sufficient. Then peel off as much as needed. Most onions are not even all the way around. So don't worry about peeling an extra layer off. The other side might still be green or partial skin.

The onion is now ready to be used for chopping, slicing, cooking.

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Ann said...

Oh man, that is way easier than trying to peel bit by bit like I do. Thanks for the tip!!