Monday, January 6, 2014

Care Package for GF College Student

College students appreciate care packages, especially around final exams. Most universities make them available for parents to purchase. Unfortunately, most are filled with gluten. What do you do when your student is gluten free? What are some snack foods options to help the gluten free student make the most of their study time?

This is what went in my daughter's care package:
Gf pumpkin bread, Gf chex mix,
Gf muddy buddies, and homemade oatmeal bars
I also sent an assortment of other foods:
Popcorn, beef jerky, some fresh fruit/veggies, individual containers of peanut butter and ranch dressing paired with Gf pretzels/crackers as a quick snack. Trail mix is nice with some GF granola,GF Mac n Cheese, M&M's and dried fruit. I really wanted to make some homemade soups to send along, but that would require dry ice which takes care packaging to a whole other level that I just don't have time for.

I threw in a few other assorted items: hot chocolate, a small, decorative nut cracker, a string of Christmas lights and a few things to make her room feel festive.

I'll ask her which foods she liked the best and which ones didn't get eaten.

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