Monday, May 9, 2011

A Lovely Lunch

I love this time of year when fresh herbs are growing outside.  The aroma of basil beckons, causing me to pluck a few leaves.  I rack my brain wondering how I can incorporate them into lunch.  I see the gluten free Udi's Bagels sitting on the counter along with a bunch or grape tomatoes.  Of course!  A bagel pizza of sorts. 

Not wanting to overpower the delicate basil flavor with a tomato sauce, I decide on a bit of olive oil instead.

1 gluten free bagel
1 TBS olive oil, flavored is nice
5-6 grape tomatoes
Fresh grated parmesan cheese
Mozzarella cheese
Fresh basil leaves
1-2 garlic cloves

Pour olive oil in small glass container.  If using plain olive oil, mince 1 garlic clove and add to oil for extra flavor.  Brush each side of bagel with oil, sprinkle liberally with cheeses-can also add feta for variety.  Add sliced tomatoes and basil leaves.   Top with very thin slices of garlic, more cheese and a drizzle more of olive oil, if desired.  Broil in oven a few minutes, or until cheese is melted.

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