Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Home Chef

Michael and I recently signed up to receive meals from Home Chef. There are a lot of options out there right now for ordering meals delivered to your home. These are not fully prepared meals, like we did back in 2006, but the ones where you order and the ingredients come with recipes to make a delicious, healthy meal at home. We were intrigued.

As we perused various sites, we found most meals ranged in price between $10-15 per person, per meal. This may sound very reasonable, but to someone like me who cooked for a large family for years, this didn't sound so reasonable. Not to mention, when I cook meals we almost always have leftovers. These meals are designed with portions in mine, so are not intended to have leftovers. That being said, now that I mostly cook for two, having all of the ingredients delivered to my door without the last minute, "I forgot an ingredient" and have to run to the store or scrap the meal for something else, we decided the cost wasn't so unreasonable. The bonus here is, my husband, who does not cook AT ALL, thought he would like to prepare these meals with me and LEARN to cook. Score!

I chose Home Chef for several reasons. One, they delivered to my area. Two-the recipes looked and sounded delicious, including dishes I'd never made and the thought of creating a new dish and trying something new is exciting. Three-the most important factor, the meals listed whether or not they were gluten free. I am only interested in gluten free options, so Home Chef won out.

We ordered our first two meals. I will try to follow the recipes, take a pic, include the original recipe and the photo of what the plated meal should look like, then give my honest opinion of the meal.

Here we go!

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~Tammy~ said...

I can hardly wait! I have wondered about some of these places.